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Rent Problem

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1Rent Problem Empty Rent Problem on Fri Sep 06, 2013 11:51 am

I've had the falcon for years, but our manager, who recently died, handled everything. Since I'm now learning, I'm making mistakes. For example, vendors I've been entering rents (for those vendors who don't make rent) into the dealer maintenance rent tab. I just enter it for the day I receive it. Should I enter it for the month that the vendor didn't make rent? People are getting checks who shouldn't be. Also, should I be "carrying" over rents to the next month? I am losing money and don't know enough to fix the problem. Could someone give me advice?

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2Rent Problem Empty Re: Rent Problem on Mon Oct 21, 2013 4:39 pm

You REALLY need to read thru the "quick start" guide that came with the software. And, you should read thru the manual as well - it describes each function, indexed by subject.

Having said that, you should be paying rent via the SALES menu - by clicking on the "OTHER" button, then scrolling up to "Rent Payment". Enter the vendor's number, and click thru to the Rents Due screen. Choose the month the vendor wishes to pay, click the SELECT button, and follow the prompts to pay the rent.

You RARELY should have to go into the DEALER FILE via RENT TAB... except only to correct a mistake, etc.

Again... it's impossible for us out here to "teach" you how to run Mallease... you need to read the manual, start guide, etc... it walks you thru the processes, which are simple to read and understand.

Best of luck!

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