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How to Export Data to QuickBook from Mallease Falcon

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About a year ago (i.e. 2012) Jeff asked Intuit this question:

Our product: The Mallease Falcon does POS and dealer tracking/paying for retail consignment stores. The program optionally writes checks or just generates the data for the check. We could export that data to a comma delimited text file or a .dbf file. Could Quickbooks read such a file and then print checks based on those data? If so, could you send me the data file format you'd need? I'm not asking about using Quickbooks but rather how to interface with Quickbooks from our software.

Intuit's expert replied:

Hi Jeff,

The file types that you are able to export from your software will not allow you to import transaction data into QB. You can only use this to import lists. You might want to contact your other software provider and see if they are compatible in another way with QB.

Sorry no better news. Please ask if you need more help.


Evidently, this cost Jeff $38 according to his reply:

You're just saying "no", that's cool but not worth $38 -- sorry

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