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How to re-install

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1How to re-install Empty How to re-install on Fri Aug 09, 2013 10:10 pm

This may help. On page 102 of the manual:

D. CAUTION: You will lose ALL of the data you have entered if you reinstall the software! If you have a problem call us. DO NOT RE-INSTALL THE SOFTWARE!

E. Changing computers: If you are moving to a new computer and can use a USB/Flash drive (Win 98SE or later), copy the c:\vfalcon folder to the flash drive. Then on the new PC install the original CD we sent (Start > Run and type in d:\setup). That will create a new vfalcon folder on drive C: on the new PC. Go into “My Computer” and rename that vfalcon folder to vfalcon1, then copy the vfalcon folder you saved to the flash drive to drive C: All of your data, program updates, settings etc. will now be available. You may need to tell the Falcon about the printers on the new PC. (see item H on page 76)

If you can’t use a flash drive, back-up your data on the old PC. On the new PC, install the original CD. If you've received updates, install those IN ORDER. Finally, restore your back-up data.

Changing computer is the same as replacing a crashed computer with a new computer.

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2How to re-install Empty Re: How to re-install on Tue Aug 13, 2013 7:14 pm

The steps in the manual (which you mention above for "changing machines") worked perfectly.  I just competed the process on a new back up/spare machine, should our old machine crash (like it did in 2007!) No 

1.  Back up your data (after End-of-day) on the old PC (to a flash drive or CD),
2a.  Install Falcon from the install disk to the new machine...
2b.  Install updates as directed - IN ORDER,
3.  Plug in flash drive/CD with last back-up,
4.  Restore Data (from the TOOLS menu) - follow prompts which lead to back-up folder on flash drive.
5.  Choose "restore all"... and your done.

All I have left to do (when needed) is install the star printer driver (from the MEF install disk) and reset the printer preferences in SET UP (and on the new machine) and we'll be good to go!  Of course, I'll have to do another Restore if/when the time comes to "bring us up to date". Wink 

I feel much more at ease now knowing we can be "up and running" w/in a few minutes should our machine fail.

Take care...

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